£1K Passion Projects

Here at "£1k Passion Projects" we understand the thrill and excitement of coming up with an idea for a personal project. whether that be a Short film, Music Video, Series Pilot or something else. We also realise that coming up with a concept is just the beginning and a series of hurdles stand between you and a finished product you can be proud of. Some of these hurdles are enjoyable challenges and some are not so much, such as funding. The idea is there, but the thought of spending fortunes puts a stop to your creative dream.

Well, We are here to help. We enjoy the artistic process of film making so much that we sacrifice profits to be able to work with you creative people out there and help bring your wonderful ideas to the screen.  

As a part of WillCam TV Limited we have the experience and high quality equipment to shoot your passion projects.

Simply speak to us via email (will@willcam.tv) with your idea/script. We can then discuss your project in detail. You will need to organise your cast, props and locations (simply because we don't have any influence on savings in these departments)  


So what do we do?....

We can provide a Director (Unless you would prefer to direct yourself) a Director of Photography (Will Middleton), a sound recordist,  a camera assistant and access to an extensive arsenal of filming equipment. And we can do all this for just £1000 per day. 

We can also edit your project if you wish. To save you more money, editing costs are relative to how many days worth of footage we have to edit. This is set at £300 per number of shooting days. So if your shoot takes 1 day to film, the edit will only cost you £300 regardless of how long it takes us. If we shoot for 3 days, your edit will only cost you £900 maximum. We do it this way so you don't have to worry about being billed for extra editing costs when the edit takes longer than predicted. 

So if you are interested please get in touch and we would love to help bring your Passion Project to life. 


Email: will@willcam.tv