Additional Kit

Wireless directors monitor.

SmallHD 702 Bright monitor, with hollyland wireless system in director's monitor cage with handles and strap. (V-lock powered) comes with x2 V-lock batteries and advanced d-tap charger. (HDMI + SDI - Daylight viewable) 

Day rate


Vocas 325 Mattebox

Day rate


Cineroid EVF

Day rate



Day rate


Chauvet 700 Fog Machine

Day rate



0.3 S/E NDG

0.6 S/E NDG

0.9 S/E NDG

1.2 S/E NDG

0.3 ND Straight

0.6 ND Straight

0.9 ND Straight


1/4 Black Pro Mist

1/2 Black Pro Mist

Full Black Pro Mist

Day rate

£4 each


(25kg load)

Day rate